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 We support our troops and thank you for being so brave, your in our prayers, thoughts, and want you all to come home safe and soon.


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This site is an online community. Like any other community, for it to work best its users must respect the rights and feelings of others. To this end, the users of this site are expected to observe Net etiquette, or Netiquette. Basically, this involves using good judgment and common sense in using this site.

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 Examples of common rules of Netiquette follow: Don't send rude, insulting or obscene messages. Don't copy site content without authorization. Don't send unwanted messages or post messages to the wrong forum. Don't impersonate others. Don't share personal information (telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) with others. Don't use profanity or post lewd, obscene or similar objectionable materials to this site. LB Entertainment, Inc. OneStor and Fiore,Co retains the right to delete such materials from this site it its sole discretion, and will temporarily or permanently remove the rights of users to access and/or submit information to this site if warranted in its sole discretion.




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