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We support our troops and thank you for being so brave, your in our prayers, thoughts, and want you all to come home safe and soon.



Dear Fans,

It was confirmed to OneStor earlier today from Joan Di Tursi Laura's previous manager that Laura had passed away in her sleep last night Thursday August 26th 2004 of a Brain aneurysm.

Our Hearts go out to Laura's family and friends who have asked that rather then sending flowers you donate on behalf of Laura to Project Angel Food.

Project Angel Food's mission is to provide wholesome meals and nutritional counseling to men, women and children disabled by HIV/AIDS.


Laura's music has been passed on through the years and will live on not only in our hearts but for generations to come. Laura loved performing onstage, It is where she felt happiness singing to her fans, and we as fans felt such joy in watching this talented singer share with us her thoughts, for when she sang, Laura brought so many things to the stage besides her magnificent voice, She brought Humor, Joy, Honesty, Heart felt Compassion, and most of all Love. In the audience there were times when you would feel as if it was a concert for one. And you were that lucky audience member that got to enjoy Laura all to yourself.

Her deep love and warmth made you feel as if you were the most important person in the world. Her vocal talents were known by many, even some who did not even know her by name. When a song like Gloria or Self Control came on, many would sing with smiles and perhaps remember a shared moment that they may have had to that specific song.

Laura it was your voice that caressed so many of us, and you will truly be missed not only as a singer but also as a person who has brought such happiness with your songs of feeling.

Please Join OneStor and Fans of Laura on www.LauraBranigan.com in lighting a candle in remembrance of such a talented artist. Ceremonies will take place on August 26th,and Monday August 27th. Times will be at 9:00 pm EST

Remember Me.....

You left in autumn
The leaves were turning
I walked down roads of orange and gold
I saw your sweet smile
I heard your laughter
You're still here beside me every day
’Cause I know you by heart...



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